General Hints
Script Templates
For each add-on script there are:
Browser Support
For all add-ons for Hot Potatoes v5 and Textoys there is a similar browser table like the following below which illustrates the browser support for each layout type ( Output 5 or Output 6 ). You should use at least one of the mentioned browsers to get the full exercise functionality.
For browser support of add-ons for Hot Potatoes v6 see the Hot Potatoes' help file.
For example according to the table below both exercise layouts (5 and 6) are supported by Internet Explorer 5.5 and above.
Please note that there may be other browsers, which also support these add-ons but are not mentioned in the appropriate table. If you know such a browser let me know so I can update the information here.

  Internet Explorer Netscape Mozilla Phoenix K-Meleon
Output 5 5.5 + 6.x | 7.x 1.x 0.5 + 0.7 +
Output 6 5.5 + 6.x | 7.x 1.x 0.5 + 0.7 +
Hot Potatoes Mac Version
Macintosh The Mac version of Hot Potatoes v5 do not have a similar feature for switching between different source file locations.
To use the scripts offered on this site follow the advice of Stewart Arneil one of the Hot Pot programmers:

"[...] The only way on the Mac to change the source files used by the program is to copy the source files you want into a folder called Source in the Hot Potatoes folder. The best way to do this is to have a folder called SourceOne with one set of source files, another folder called SourceTwo with the second set of source files [containing e. g. the scripts from Teaching Tools] and then to copy whichever one you want into the Hot Potatoes folder and call it Source. This ensures that you always have a complete copy of each set of source files. I admit it's not elegant.
For version 6, I [Stewart Arneil] will include functionality similar to what already exists in the windows package."